Music Instructors

Our teachers are happy to teach you the fundamentals and help you grow. Young or old, beginner or expert, lessons are tailored to your level of ability. Devoted to music, instructors at Sarrin Music Studios are impassioned with music. All of our instructors perform locally and even travel on national tours. Famous artists have been known to drop by the studio on occasion. You never know who you might see!



Chris Stone

Bass, Piano, and Vocals

Stone credits two things that led him to a career in music. When his high school music teacher pulled out a Fender Jazz Bass, Stone fell in love with it. The bass was pearl white with a Grateful Dead sticker on it. At his first concert, Pearl Jam, he watched the bass player for nearly the entire concert. He was mesmerized by Jeff Ament. Stone studied at the University of New Hampshire where he earned a Bachelor in Music. He also earned a Master in Education from AIU. As a perpetual student, Stone is currently studying at the University of Massachusetts Lowell for Master of Music degree. Contributing to the world is important for Stone. To teach is to touch the future. To teach music is to give to the world.


Christopher Maggio

Guitar, Bass, Ukelele, Drums, and Piano

Maggio has over fifteen years of teaching experience in the area of the classical guitar as well as rock, jazz, and folk. Maggio grew up in Chelsea and started teaching himself guitar in junior high when friends suggested starting a band. A decision to upgrade his guitar led to long walks around Boston after which he found a 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top in Cambridge. Maggio studied music composition, theory, and history at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. While there, he attended a classical guitar concert on campus and found himself drawn into the intimate magic of a single guitar performance.  His formal training in classical guitar includes studying with Bill Buonocore, Neil Anderson, and Berit Strong. He is a member of the Boston Classical Guitar Society and has performed for an award recognition ceremony at the Boston State House. Maggio is also a progressive rocker playing with the band Time and Tide.



Mark Dante Troiano

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Piano

Troiano knew in the second grade that wanted to be a teacher. For over twenty years, Triano has helped kids and adults reach their highest potential as musicians and in all aspects of life. He teaches vocal, guitar, bass, and piano. Troiano is a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where he majored in English with minors in music. As a professionally trained vocalist, he served the Music Director for a couple of vocal ensembles while at Wheaten.  In addition to recording five albums with the Wheaten Gentlemen Callers, Triano has two solo albums – The Lightworker’s Union and The Long Walk Home. When he is not teaching at Sarrin Music Studios, you can find performing at clubs and coffee houses on the North Shore.


Chris Laskey


Laskey has over seven years of experience playing drums. As a versatile musician, Laskey plays a wide range of genres from Jazz to Metal. He trained with Bob Tamagni, Henrique De Almieda, and John Hazilla while studying at Berklee College of Music. Prior to attending Berklee, he studied under Evan Giannellis and Libor Hadrava. Lakey loves when problems are solved in the mathematical sense. He went to a Warped Tour and found himself gravitating to the drummers as they gave it their all. Being with his hands combined the mathematical rhythm, the drums felt natural to him. The physical animation and engagement of limb independence attracted him to the drum. Laskey is very active in the Boston area music performs at high profile venues including the House of Blues and the Pallidium in Worcester. When he is not teaching at Sarrin Music Studios, Laskey can be found building custom drums at Grover Pro Percussion, writing music, and planning tours for his band Kooked Out.



Steve Lowell

Guitar and Bass

Steve Lowell plays both guitar and keyboards. He has a natural relationship with the guitar. Lowell enjoys the freedom of expression in the sounds, styles, and genres. After some time teaching himself, Lowell went to the Real School of Music where studied for seven years with Erik Ringstad. He also studied at Middlesex Community College and the Unversity of Massachusetts Lowell. Music is a powerful expression – it is a gift. He enjoys taking what he has learned and giving it to others through teaching and performing. When Lowell is not teaching a Sarrin Music Studios, he is writing music and performing with the Progressive Metal band Dyhanna. The band is currently working with acclaimed music producer Shane Frisby.