Lessons & Scheduling

Sarrin Music Studios offers one-on-one private music lessons as well as group music instruction.

Please call us at 781.245.2200 for rates and scheduling information.

You can also e-mail us at lessons@sarrinmusicstudios.com.

Guitar:  Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, and Folk                                         Bass: Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Stand-Up

Vocals:  Pop, Jazz, Broadway, and Opera                                                  Piano: Classical, Jazz, Pop, and Blues

Drums and Percussion: All Styles


Special Music Programs

Music 4 Kids

A fun weekly program for kids between age 3 and 5 years old. The kids learn basic music fundamentals including rhythm and movement. They are introduced to the different families of instruments and styles of music. It is a great exciting way for kids to start their musical journey.


Guitar Boot Camp

This is an intense one week workshop for seasoned guitar players helping you take your playing from ordinary to extraordinary. You can share your techniques as well as learn from the rest of the group. Study chords, extended harmony, scales, and modes while learning new ways to practice. Everyone advances their solo technique too!


Composition and Songwriting Workshop

From Beethoven to the Beatles, this workshop is designed to help aspiring composers and songwriters realize their creative talent. Emphasis is on musical forms, styles, genres, and a practical approach to getting your musical ideas from your head to your instrument and eventually to the recording studio.


Small Band Ensembles

This program is designed to aid in overall musical excellence in performing while focusing on playing together as a group.  Groups range from rock and jazz to string quartets and wind ensembles.  The goal is to teach individual musicians to come together, listen, challenge, inspire, and respect one another as they go from the practice hall to the concert hall.


Classical Guitar Progam

Classical guitar music dates as far back as Medieval times. It is one the most expressive styles in the history of this unique stringed instrument. Classical guitar is known to have a highly disciplined practice regiment which is exciting and challenging. The goal of this program is to transform your playing and learning from whatever level musician you may be; whether you are a beginner or highly advanced.